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What are the foods that increase your testosterone?

What are the foods that increase your testosterone?


Testosterone is one of the most favorite hormones for all the males out there especially bodybuilders or all alpha males.

Having a high level of testosterone is generally associated with high confidence, High self-esteem, High muscle mass, and low body fat.

Basically, all the desirable traits that any man would want.

Now Before we begin with the main topic it is important to understand that, what is testosterone and why it is important

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a male primary sex hormone, that gives males its characteristics, like deep voice, facial and body hair, a reason to watch mia khalifa, motivation, and lots of things that makes you a man.
This hormone is produced both in males (primary) and females(secondary)

Why is it important?

Having optimal levels of everything that nature has blessed us is important, if your testosterone levels are under the normal value you may tend to suffer from certain things like depression, low sex drive, Erectile dysfunction, and certain bad things that you would never want in your body.
This is why it is important to keep one testosterone level in check.

What foods boost it naturally?

1. Fatty Fish

Raw and Fatty Fish like salmon is a great food for your hormonal health as it is a good source of zinc, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids all of which are proven to boost your testosterone levels naturally!

You can cook your salmon in some olive oil or bake it as well and have it with some rice or mashed potatoes for that mouth-watering platter.

Since our hormones are produced or synthesized by dietary cholesterol that is made from healthy fats in our body, hence consuming 2–3 servings of salmon every week will make sure that your body is on top of your health and hormonal production too!
Fatty fish is the best natural food source that you can consume to get all the good nutrients for your hormone health!

2. Desi ghee

If you are grown and brought up in India, the chances of you missing out on desi ghee is exactly like Ranveer Singh missing out on Big muscle nutrition supplements, which is very less!
Desi ghee is probably one of the best sources of healthy fats that you can add to your diet, to cook your meals in or garnish any of your food with it,

Desi ghee is a great source of saturated fats, which again helps to produce testosterone in your body, along with it also improves the absorption of vitamin A, D, E, K in your body(fat-soluble vitamins) for good hormonal health!

Don't overdo it as an excess of any good food can be bad, just strike the right balance and consume it mindfully, like 2-3tb spoon daily

If possible you can also go for A2 desi ghee as well!

3. Eggs

If we have to say which is the best food on this planet, eggs would find their way out for sure, one egg is a powerhouse of nutrients, from great protein to healthy fats to essential micro nutrients, one egg has all of them.
Apart from this nutrition point of view, eggs taste really good too, which you can have in multiple ways, from an omelet to scrambled eggs and they are easily available and cost-effective too!

Surely eggs should be a part of your diet without any doubt and they would surely help to balance and improve your hormonal levels as well.

4. Avocado

Another great fruit that you pair in your diet to boost your hormonal health, or specifically boost your testosterone levels is avocado, you can have it in the form of any smoothies or pair it with toast like guacamole or have it as it is.

Avocado is a great source of poly and monounsaturated fats. , along with essential minerals and vitamins, which are great for your gut and hormones and testosterone as well!
It may be a little expensive for many people, but again if you prefer to invest in your health you would make the right choices in your life, hence instead of spending on junk foods, spend on healthy foods for your body

5. Dry Fruits/Oils/seeds

Another great source of healthy fats and to incorporate into your diet to boost your testosterone levels is to add some soaked dry fruits(almonds, cashew, walnuts) and cold-pressed oils(coconut, olive, mustard, peanut) that are another good source of fats that would surely help to improve your hormonal production and reduce inflammation in your body too!

Just make sure that you soak your dry fruits for at least 12 hrs before you consume it, as nuts are more bio available when soaked.
You can also throw some mixed seeds like a mix of pumpkin, chia, flax, and sunflower seeds as all of them are good sources of healthy fats

As said, you take care of the portions, don't overdo any of them, just strike the right balance and replace them with any other junk food

6. Cocoa Products

We all love chocolates, as they taste really good and improve our mood immediately without wasting a second.
Well, you would be surprised to know that chocolates can help you to improve your testosterone levels too!

As chocolates are made of cocoa powder, that is a very good source of magnesium, vital nutrients that help to improve your testosterone levels and is good for your overall health too!

Now by this, you don't have to overdo the milk chocolate as they have a lot of sugar, and for sure over consumption of milk chocolate is not very healthy.

For a better alternative you can make a hot chocolate drink with unsweetened cocoa powder or consume any dark chocolate over 70%


Your lifestyle plays a crucial role in your hormonal balance and production , hence make sure that you eat the right quality of good , you don't overeat or undereat, you exercise daily and have a good sleep routine.
Apart from a good lifestyle, adding these foods would be surely beneficial for your Testosterone production and health too!

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