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Top five foods for muscle building

Top five foods for muscle building


muscles building food

From the day any boy who is born, who grows up watching his favorite movies and actions thrilled or fight sequence, one thing that any boy is curious about from childhood apart from a lot of other things is well-built muscles, well if truth is to be decoded, most of the boys prefer muscular body and set it as there dream from childhood, when they see their favorite actors on screen.

Now when they realize that idolizing was one part, the main aspect of muscle building is executing, joining a gym, and following a good diet that ensures proper recovery.

But the most important question that exists in a lot of people's minds is the ample knowledge that they listen to or read on the internet about muscle building, which is far away from reality.

Hence in this blog, we would give you an insight about what are those 5 amazing foods that have to be a part of your diet if your goal is to be on the poster image for the next to generate walls.

1. Eggs

-No wonder why whenever there is a discussion about gym or muscles building, eggs are the first thing that cracks in the mind as they are a synonym to the word protein and your body needs protein to build muscle mass and initiate muscle protein synthesis for tissues and muscle development.

one whole egg provides your body with the high-quality 6gm of protein along with each and every vitamin and mineral that your body requires to function optimally.

Apart from this your body also gets the required omega 3 fatty acids for good hormones production and skin and hair health, and remember that fats are important for your body, they are needed for good hormones production that indirectly impacts your mood and muscles growth progress.

You can consume eggs based on your daily protein requirement, as one whole egg gives about 6gm of protein, whereas one egg white gives 3.5gm of protein, which you can easily integrate based on your diet and macros.

And yes eggs taste just amazing and are easily accessible and affordable as well.

You can consume eggs in the form of omelets, boiled eggs, french toast, scrambled eggs with the spice, and the taste of your choice.

2. Chicken

We guess most people knew that this food would be on the list, chicken is one of the most popular foods items used in bodybuilding or healthy lifestyle, basically due to the reasons like it offers a high amount of protein per serving, which is you get about 27gm of complete protein per 100gm of chicken breast.

The combination of chicken and rice is hands down the best combo that any bodybuilder can add into their diet, chicken being a lean source of protein, which is it only offers the best protein with negligible fats or carbs so that one can prepare for their fitness transformation effectively.

Also chicken is easily available in any part of the world, easy to cook as well and taste just amazing if you know how to make a healthy version using great spices and fewer oils/butter.

Also since it takes some effort to chew chicken, it also helps in reducing the overall calories consumption of a person as it reduces one's hunger and eventually acts as great food to be added to the weight loss journey.

 3. Whey Protein

Whey protein is another great source of protein, that has helped a lot of fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders to pack on some great quality muscle mass as whey protein is a convenient source of protein that helps to fulfill daily protein intake of the day easily

Whey protein has the highest bioavailability compared to many protein sources, which is the rate by which protein absorbs in your body, the more bioavailability protein has the better it is for our body to digest it, and hence better the gains.

 Also, whey protein is a convenient source of protein, as if you want to complete 25-30gm of protein from the meal, you have to purchase the raw item, clean it, cook it and then eat it, which can be a little hectic for some part of the day and since bodybuilding is a lifestyle, having a source of protein like whey which is as easy as to shake one scoop of protein in some water and consume it, the whole game of dieting become much more flexible and easy.

Just make sure that you never compromise on the quality of whey protein that you consume hence always prefer premium quality whey protein from Big muscles Nutrition.

4. Soya chunks

If there is anything that some fitness enthusiasts are scared of other than fake whey protein is soya chunks and its cause to hormonal imbalance, for the 100th time we are putting on this record that there is no specific link of consuming soya chunks in a limited quantity with the rise of estrogen in males body.

There is absolutely no evidence that supports this rumor and hence you should also not fear soya products!

as it is proven that one has to eat an absolutely crazy amount of soya chunks to get his hormones misplaces, which s beyond the limit of any regular person, hence one can safely and without any worries can add soya to their diet as soya chunks are one of the highest sources of protein out there.

You get about 52gm of complete protein in 100gm of soya chunks, which again blends perfectly with the Indian diet, is easy to cook, and affordable as well It's a win-win situation to add soya chunks in who is looking to pack on some muscle mass. Also, don't forget that you get all 9 essential amino acids for effective recovery.

5. Legumes

Healthy or protein-rich or whatever, we Indians just love the taste of our legumes and just can not survive the week without the plate of chole-rice or rajma rice, it's a certain dish that is cooked in almost every Indian with different twist and taste.

Unknowingly rajma and chickpeas are a decent source of protein as well, They can surely complement one fitness journey in order to pack on some muscle mass as you get a great 19gm of protein from both of the legumes in 100gm raw weight along with extra fiber for better digestion and we had already discussed the taste aspect of these two.

although they lack some essential amino acids in them, when you pack it with some rice/roti those missing amino acids get complete and the whole meal acts as a complete source of protein. You can alternative your consumption of rajma and chickpeas and add them to your diet.





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