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How to Reduce hair fall: 5 Effective Steps to stop Hair Fall.

How to Reduce hair fall: 5 Effective Steps to stop Hair Fall.


Hair fall is one of the most common problems which is being faced by a lot of people these days, call it stress, poor diet or bad lifestyle overall. A lot of youngsters in their early 20 s are facing the issues of hair loss and hair thinking 

which can be really stressful and worrying and can put a dent in one's stress and confidence as having a head full of hair contribute to your looks and style. No matter what your age is no one would want their hair to be fallen out from their head, as your hairstyle plays a major role in one's personality and confidence.

Thus if you are someone who is facing problems such as hair fall or hair thinning then you don't have to worry cause we have discussed some natural and proven ways by which you can surely stop your hair fall and get a correct mindset about how to take care of your hair and make them stronger and healthier, which is we are all about "Stronger than you think"

How you can reduce your hair fall naturally by doing these lifestyle changes.

Hence in this article, we will discuss what lifestyle changes you can add to stop hair loss and give them utmost care to grow stronger and denser.

1.Eating Healthy Diet

Eating Healthy Diet
You may have heard this before and let us tell you again that your bodies are exactly the representation of your lifestyle, which majorly includes the kind of food that you eating on a regular basis if your lifestyle includes a lot of junk,

processed, and unnourished foods than your there is a sure shot chance that you may suffer from hair related issues as processed and junk foods are often devoided of essential nutrients that our hair requires.

Hence make sure you eat whole and nourishing foods which are your home-cooked foods and include a good amount of protein in your diet as protein is the building block of cells and tissues in our bodies including hair as well, thus you

can add Eggs, Chicken, Mutton, Fish, Rajma, Chickpeas, Paneer, Dairy, Whey protein, and Tofu, along with protein make sure that you consume healthy fats(desi ghee, coconut, white butter, Dry fruits, and seeds) for optional hormonal balance and skin health, adding fresh fruits and vegetables for that

good micronutrient profile would be a bonus that you should not miss out on. Stick to good and healthy and home-cooked food and reduce junk food for optimal hormonal balance and health. Remember a healthy diet is a solution to many problems. 

2.Improving Sleep CycleImproving Sleep Cycle

Whenever it comes to the good health of your body, sleep is probably the most underrated aspect that many people don't take into consideration, sleep is the only place where your body repaired and rebuild itself from cells, tissues to

hormones and organs everything is built and repaired when you are having a sound sleep and your hairs are no exceptions, thus if you are someone who wants to improve there hair and body overall health fixing the sleep schedule is a crucial step to take into consideration.

Just make sure that you are sleeping and waking up every day at the same time and if you can then please try to have a sound sleep in the time between 11 PM-6 AM as it will help your body to get aligned with nature or circadian rhythm. Having a good sleep schedule is the best and free medicine that you must have for optimal health and energy.


ExercisingHaving a healthy exercise routine or staying active every day will help your body to improve blood flow in your body and thereby at the scalp too. Also when you engage yourself in any kind of activity your body eliminates toxins as well which can further help in improving your skin and hair health, hence choose any kind

of workout protocol that you really enjoy be it jumping rope, walking, running, weight lifting, yoga, Cross Fit, just pick any kind of activity that you personally like and try to stay active every day, many people think that exercise is just for weight loss, it has more to do with weight loss, obviously it helps to burns

calories which can make you lose weight(if the diet is right) but exercise also improve your overall mood and reduce stress by secreting happy hormones in your body which is really crucial for healing and for your hair health too, as stress may lead to shrinking of hair follicles, thus what better way to reduce stress and build a strong body than exercising. Just make a habit of keeping your body active every day.

4.Adding Good Supplements

Adding Good Supplements

Now when you have changed your lifestyle which is you are eating healthy and nutritious foods, you have fixed your sleep routine and you are exercising and staying active every day one important and the last thing that you might have to add to fix your hair game is to add good quality supplements, now many people
think that supplements are bad or unnatural, whereas the role of supplements is just to supplement the nutritional demand of nutrients which the body cant get through via food, thus adding good quality supplements is perfectly fine and can surely elevate your health for good.
One such essential supplement that you should add for healthy hair is BIOTIN which is Vitamin B 7 or Vitamin H, which helps in the stimulation of keratin in the hair follicles and thus increase and promote the rate of follicle growth, since biotin is a water-soluble vitamin it doesn't stay in our body for too
long thus adding an authentic biotin supplement to your diet will surely help your body to grow better number and quality of hair follicles, thus you can safely add a genuine biotin supplement to your diet like Big Muscles Nutrition  Biotin,
which is made and extracted from 100% plant-based(made up from sesbania
plant with Bamboo shoot and Amla for evermore strength to your hair), hence ensuring maximum absorption to your body, one scoop of this will give your body about 10,000 mcg of biotin so that your body can use it more effectively and can enure your the best results.

5.Stress Management

Stress Management

The kind of lifestyle we are living almost every one of us has some amount of stress in their lives call it professional or personal everyone has some amount of stress in their lives, although having some stress is good for our wellbeing or accomplishing any goal, the problem arises when a person is not managing their
stress and being stressed or unhappy for a longer duration of time which can
surely spoil your hair health as when you are stressed for a long period of time, your body produces a hormone called cortisol and it suspends the flow of certain happy hormones which can eventually take the glow of your skin, mental health and hair as well. consider your hairs just like a plant. the better the environment and the soil of the plant the stronger and better they will grow, therefore make sure that you are positive, managing your stress by engaging in the kind of activities/hobbies that you enjoy, talk to your loved ones, exercises, eat a healthy and delicious diet and you are good to go.
Remember your internal environment matters the most, make sure you head the right one.Therefore these are some simple and effective lifestyle changes that you can add if you are facing any problems with hair, we wish you happy healing and pray for your good hair.
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