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cardio exercise

All-time best top 10 cardio exercise


cardio exercise

Cardiovascular exercises are one of the most common and favorite types of workout for a majority section of the gym-goers be it bodybuilders or normal people trying to be healthy, cardiovascular exercises are not only important for good heart health but can also improve other health aspects of your body like elevating mood, weight loss, improved metabolism, etc.

Therefore in this blog, we will discuss the best cardiovascular exercises that you can introduce to improve your health and wellbeing.

1. Walking

cardio exercise

Walking is one of the most basic and yet effective forms of exercise that you can do for good cardiovascular health, not only is very easy to do and can be done anywhere without restriction but it is a non-exercise activity that you can integrate anytime and anywhere in your day.

Walking also helps to make you think clearly as it secret happy hormones and makes one person more positive and happy.

and if you are some who underestimate walking for weight loss then you are a little wrong here as walking about 7-9k steps daily can make your weight loss process much efficient.

2. Jogging

cardio exercise

Another effective and fun going cardiovascular exercise that you can throw is jogging, you can plug your headphones around and jog a good number of the round of your favorite track.

Jogging would help you with better cardiovascular health and endurance and stamina, such that you can manage and perform day to daily activities without any friction or stress.

It also helps to train your legs and make them stronger.

3. Jumping Rope

cardio exercise

One exercise that any athlete in the world would not miss out on is jumping rope, It is one of the most simple yet effective exercises when it comes to the benefits that it adds to your body.

As the jumping rope is a quick and intense workout it improves your heart and lungs capacity to perform and hence strengthens this organ health.

Not only its a good cardio workout but it is a great tool to shed extra fat well as jumping rope burns about 12-13 calories per minute which is higher than jogging or cycling

It also improves your neuromuscular coordination and improves bone density as well.

One effective cardio workout you just cannot afford to miss out on.

4. Cycling

cardio exercise

The best way to nourish your childhood memories and improve your health is to paddle a bicycle.

Cycling is another great exercise that one can add to improve their cardiovascular health, this exercise allows your body to coordinate and push together from your legs pushing it harder to your body to maintain balance.

Indeed a great and powerful exercise that one can add to their routine.

Also cycling around a city helps to elevate your mood and make you feel more connected with nature and your surroundings

5. Swimming 

cardio exercise

f we have to label an exercise that allows your whole body to function and train, it would be swimming.

Starting from the legs to the shoulder, arms, and back, swimming makes every major part of your body train together and strengthen it.

And no doubt about the fact that it is a great cardiovascular exercise too since one has to push hard to swim through the resistance of water and hence it makes your cardiovascular health perform at its best.

6. Rowing

cardio exercise

-The rowing machine offers a total body workout from one back to the arms and shoulders, it is a great cardiovascular and strength exercise that one can add.

Additionally, it has the benefit of being impact-free, and it does not involve bearing weight which further reduces the chances of any injury taking place.

7. Kettlebells workout

cardio exercise

 Kettlebells is the new trending exercise that you can see on the internet and gyms and why not?

It is another fun and unique way to exercise and train your body.

As it involves different movements with the weighted kettlebell, it is proven to be another great exercise that helps to improve your cardiovascular health and the strength of your body.

As the movements are quick and intense.

Just follow a good trainer while performing this workout to avoid any chance of injuries.


cardio exercise

It stands for High-intensity interval training, which is a training program that requires you to train a certain set of exercises at a high intensity and with shorter rest duration, which is training with more intensity and shorter rest periods that makes your cardiovascular network Function at it's best and improve it is overall health.

You can pick any set of exercises that you enjoy working on and perform it for a certain duration let say 1 minute and take a rest of 10-15 seconds and then jump on to the next exercise.

9. Sprinting

cardio exercise

-A quick way to pump that heart rate and pump the blood and adrenalin rush is sprinting, it involves a sudden burst of running at a high speed for a short duration and repeating the same exercise for the desired number of sets.

A great tool to quickly get the most of your time as its a high-intensity interval training.

Apart from good cardiovascular health, sprinting would also improve your flexibility, strength, and explosiveness would surely benefit you in your day to daily life.

10. Boxing

- A lot of people think to assume that boxing is a serious sport that common people cannot practice, which is not true at all, although one doesn't have to practice like a professional boxer over here, you can just wear a set of glover and hang a punching bag and get started with your workout, boxing involves one whole body to function and takes a great effort to throw that punch.

Boxing is a great blend of cardio and strength training, that would challenge your body and improve your cardiovascular health as well.

Also this it the one of those exercises that requires a lot of energy to perform , hence spending some time daily to your version of being rocky would surely help you to be healthy, stronger and fitter.


-A lot of people are not very optimistic and excited about the concept of exercise such that they don't take their first step of living a better and a healthier life.
Hence these are some great cardiovascular exercises that anyone can start or incorporate in there lifestyle for a healthy and healthy life.

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