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Leg exercise

5 Leg exercises that you should not miss out on Weight loss or muscle building


Most of the newbies or gym-goers have an unhealthy relationship with leg workouts and why not, who would want to show their legs when they have chest, shoulders, and arms to show off?

Well, that's the place where a lot of gym-goers go wrong, which is they neglect their leg muscles like we neglect our relative's advice.
But as a matter of fact, neglected leg muscles can be a matter of concern as training them is very important for your overall health and fitness.
These are some of the reasons why you should train your legs more often than you think,

1. It improves your Testosterone Levels.

2. It improves your overall physique.

3. It gives you more strength and power.

4. It boosts your Human Growth Hormone.

5. It burns a good amount of calories.

Hence these are some of the reasons why you should not miss out on working on your biggest muscles of the body, which is the legs

Now before we jump into what kind of exercises you should perform, the basic thing that every gym-goer should keep in his/her mind is warmup!

You have to make sure that your body is optimally warmed up before you proceed with any kind of workout, hence you can perform jumping rope, basic stretching, burpees, and some cardio before you enter the battle.

Therefore these are some hardcore legs exercise that you should not miss out on

1. Squats

Leg exercise

Squats are considered the most powerful and effective exercise for any man or woman, as it includes the movement of multiple muscles together, making it a great compound exercise and a great way to pump and build your quad muscles too.

You just cannot miss out on squats if you talk about leg exercise as squats are the foremost and basic exercise that any beginner can perform.
No wonder why Virat Kohli is a fan of performing squats, it's great for your lower body and core stability. Just make sure that you add the weight according to your body, experience, strength, and fitness goals and add this great leg exercise in your routine.

2. Leg Press

Leg exercise

Another great way to push your leg muscles is to incorporate leg press in your routine, it's a great exercise to target your glutes, hamstrings, and quad muscles together.

Adding leg presses to your workout can surely help you to build massive muscle mass in your legs, just make sure that you are in a correct position before you perform this workout, which is to keep your back straight, core tight, and toes a little outward from the plate.

and then slowly perform the movement with a good mind-muscle connection

3. Lunges

Leg exercise

Lunges are another power-packed leg exercise that is the best way to know your real strength, as lunges make you push your inner limits over the threshold.
It's a great leg exercise to build and strengthen hamstrings, hips, quads, and glutes.

Lunges are the best way to start your leg workouts as performing it initially can give you that momentum and fire up your muscle for the remaining workout.
You can either perform lunges with a dumbbell or a barbell, depending upon your body symmetry and your preference.

Lunges work best with moderate weight, hence make sure that you are not in the ego lifting space, but choosing the right weight that also challenges your body.

4. Romanian Dead lifts

Leg exercise

While most of the leg workouts focus on your quads and glutes, Romanian deadlifts help to tone and build your hamstrings, which a lot of people don't find very appealing to train separately, hence the best way you can tone your hamstrings is Romanian deadlifts, apart from hamstrings, it also makes your hand grip stronger, which is great for your heart health(a study of more than 4,600 people by the Queen Mary University of London concluded)

The benefits don't end here, if you are incorporating Romanian deadlifts in your leg workouts you will see a great boost in your lifting game, additionally, if you are someone who runs you will find a great burst of energy in the ground(which is why a lot of athletes perform this exercise)

It also helps to burn a good amount of calories that might help you lose weight as this leg exercise involves multiple body parts together, hence giving that additional boost to your metabolism.

5. Bulgarian Split Squat

Leg exercise

The best leg exercise by which you can finish your workout is Bulgarian Split Squats.
It is a type of squat that is ultimate for lower body strength and conditioning as it involves all the major leg muscles while performing, from quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves to core.

If you want to know the answer about how you can train every leg muscle, Bulgarian Split Squat is the answer.

If you have muscle imbalance in your lower body, this leg workout can surely help to counter, as you train each leg at a different time with the same intensity , hence you polish your leg muscle more effectively.

Before you jump into this leg exercise make sure you have a reasonable level of balance, coordination, and lower-body strength and you perform with a moderate weight(dumbbell) as you might have to deal with injury if not done with proper form and technique.

Thus go slowly if you are a beginner and then uplift gradually.

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