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How Beta Alanine Boosts Endurance of Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders often ask the same question at forums “I have reached a plateau, not progressing at all so what should I do?” Further they add that “somehow my fatigue does not allow me to cross my limits.” Fortunately, there is an easy solution for all: Beta Alanine, the most researched … Continue Reading

Difference Between Natural Supplements and Steroids

Bodybuilders are often a confused lot as they have difficulty differentiating between supplements and steroids. Though anabolic steroids and dietary supplements are worlds apart it is the perception which is difficult to change. Hence we aim to present this article to clear the air so that everyone understands what … Continue Reading

Whey Protein: Best Usage & Dosage Recommendations

Whey protein is world’s topmost supplement prescribed to bodybuilders and most athletes. Majority of these people have made sure that this supplement is on their table and they consume it as pre, intra- and post-workout supplements and this whey protein benefits them for sure. Everyone has witnessed how whey protein … Continue Reading

5 Supplements Every Bodybuilder Should Never Miss

Bodybuilding is not something we can afford to take it lightly. It is a serious business as we have poured our hard-earned money into it. We need the right fuels (read supplements) all the time as it means a question of life and death. Without right fuels and nutrition all … Continue Reading

Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids in BodyBuilding

Bodybuilders often fall to synthetic products just to boost their appearance without bothering if these have any unwanted side effect on their bodies. This shortsightedness often costs them dear and they realize only when it is too late.

Sometimes use of steroids is essential. The side effects of anabolic steroids … Continue Reading

Eggs, Best & Cheapest Source of Protein

Very few foods pack a wholesome punch within. Some either pack carbs or proteins or a slight combo but not all. Eggs, a good source of protein, stand alone in the crowd that has an outer shell protecting itself from contamination, a shock absorber that protects the albumin and … Continue Reading

9 Ways to Make Protein Shakes Good

Bodybuilders know the importance of whey protein and casein protein supplements. The former helps in pre and post-workout sessions whereas the latter helps build muscles when we sleep. The problem is, no matter how good the manufacturers formulate these supplements they do not appease everyone. Many of them retort saying … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally and Quickly

Testosterone, as the name suggests relates to the Testes every man has. Surprisingly it is also present in females albeit in marginal values yet work the same way like in their counterparts. It plays vital parts in twin functions: increase libido, hair growth, and muscle mass and some less talked-about … Continue Reading

Should I Take Casein or Whey Protein and Why?

The question people ask in the gym is, “what should I use as my protein source: Whey or Casein and why?” The opinion is divided and majority tends towards whey just because they use it regularly and experienced the benefits.

Some do use Casein, just because either someone recommended or … Continue Reading