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Should I Take Casein or Whey Protein and Why?

The question people ask in the gym is, “what should I use as my protein source: Whey or Casein and why?” The opinion is divided and majority tends towards whey just because they use it regularly and experienced the benefits.

Some do use Casein, just because either someone recommended or … Continue Reading

5 Complete Protein Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Know

Proteins are of two types: animal and plant sourced. The former is known as a complete protein whereas it is not the case with the latter; it may or may not always be complete in protein.

You may wonder what a complete protein comprises of. Well, complete protein is the … Continue Reading

How You Can Lose Weight with Whey Protein

Fat buildup is the biggest problem. Finding ways for losing fat using whey protein is of prime importance. The solution to fat loss is not that hard to find. You should simply know how whey protein works and how it works as a double-edged sword.

Whey protein on one hand … Continue Reading

6 Ways That Help You Generate Right Muscle Mass

This is no big secret in learning how to obtain muscle mass quickly. The process is very simple as just you need to be sure you want to build mass quickly and the rest is all hard work. In simple words, first step is decision and then followed by perspiration. … Continue Reading

Top Supplements for Killer Six Pack Abs

Everyone in today’s generation is eager to show off their hard work for those abs. The new entrants are anxious to replicate the muscular figure somehow and look everywhere for tips. They very well know that they should first target the best fat burner for abs section. Without burning fat … Continue Reading

Is Paleo Diet Suitable for Bodybuilders?

Today everything we eat is mostly processed. Cereals, legumes, lentils, rice, vegetables, oils and our snacks are often loaded with excess oil, fat, salt and sugar and termed as unhealthy. Most of the agricultural produce we come across is infested with pesticides.

Recently the concept of Organic got popular wherein … Continue Reading

How to Lose Fat & Build Muscle

The popular belief when losing weight is you lose both: fat as well as metabolically valuable muscle also. But if you have very less muscle, losing weight is much harder too.

Fortunately, the only super food which helps you to lose weight and boost metabolism is no other than Protein. … Continue Reading

Revealed: The Truth Behind Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout Supplements “claim” you get maximum benefit from their products when exercising. Their description is so tempting, everyone seriously thinks about having the supplement before proceeding to their workouts. Who knows the products may increase energy levels, muscle power or endurance during the workout!

What do these Pre-workout Supplements contain Continue Reading

Bollywood Actor Sahil Khan’s Diet & Workout Plan

Sahil Khan, now 40 is a popular Indian model, actor and a fitness idol. His debut in bollywood in the comedy file “Style” was a success which he cashed by acting in the sequel “Xcuse Me”.

The Fitness Freak Sahil Khan is a known figure in the bodybuilding circuit. Being … Continue Reading

How to Fuel Your Body Before, During and After Workouts

Many conflicting theories on eating before during and after workouts are aired. It is very difficult choosing any one theory because they all look so real. We help you out on this one in an easy to understand concept.

Know your body first!
Every body is different. Every body’s needs … Continue Reading

Tips for choosing the right Weight Gainer

Every body, every person is different. One cannot compare with the same yardstick. Imitating other’s bodies without considering their background and body type, could prove detrimental for your efforts.

Whether you are a beginner, a fitness freak or a seasoned pro, you need to choose the right weight gainer to … Continue Reading

All About Whey Protein, Benefits and Usage Guide!

What is Whey Protein?
When milk is stored at room temperature for a few days, it separates in two distinct forms, namely the liquid and the solids. This liquid is called the Whey and has many proteins and other nutrients like Lactose. The solid can be strained out, called the

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