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Know the Outstanding Benefits of Beta-Alanine

In case you need to get the best results and want to escape the horrendous phony medicinal market, at that point comprehending what, how and why a medication works is critical. Truth is told by a blasting business organizations are concocting better than ever items consistently, with their favor bundling … Continue Reading

Immense Benefits of Citrulline Malate in Bodybuilding

Citrulline Malate is a blend of citrulline, an amino corrosive that is gotten from Citrullus lanatus, Latin for watermelon and malate, a natural compound got from squeezed apple.

Citrulline is delivered from ornithine and carbamoyl phosphate as results of the urea cycle, and arginine as a side-effect of nitric oxide … Continue Reading

Which Supplement to Choose Glutamine or BCAA?

There are a wide range of sport games supplements out in the market, and most of the time keeping them separate might be troublesome. Here, we will clarify the contrast amongst BCAAs and Glutamine.

Both of these supplements are basic in sports nourishment for enhancing recuperation and execution. All the … Continue Reading

Protein Powder for Beginners – Which one is the Best?

For those who are fighting with their skinny body should positively include protein in their daily diet. In fact, it is one of the elements that truly aids in muscle growth. Moreover, it does not let you gorge on oily snacks by keeping you fuller for longer time duration. One … Continue Reading

7 Proven Benefits of Green Tea Extracts

1. Excellent for the Brain

The antioxidants used in green tea extract, specifically EGCG, are popular for protecting brain cells from oxidative stress. It can help in reducing brain damage, which could lead to brain diseases and mental declines such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

Moreover, green tea extract can … Continue Reading

What is the Difference Between Whey and Casein Protein?

There are two most common and popular type of protein supplement present in the market known as whey and casein. They are considered good for reasons like high quality, high bioavailability and availability of protein in them which are particularly enriched with branched chain amino acids. That is why … Continue Reading

Top 10 Tips to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally

Testosterone is a steroid hormone which is basically secreted by a man’s testicles. This is hormone is considered responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics and it is vital for the maintenance of muscles bulk, adequate levels of red blood cells, a feeling of well being, and sexual activities. … Continue Reading

How to Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the hormone which is produced in man’s testicles and woman’s ovaries & adrenal glands. Our body increases production of Testosterone about 30 times during adolescence & early adulthood. Afterwards it is natural for levels to drop with each passing year.

Key Benefits of Testosterone for Humans

Testosterone increases … Continue Reading

Why Casein Protein is Important for Building Muscle

Bodybuilders are always on the lookout for something which helps in maximizing their efforts. They keep a close watch on their nutrition and never lose track in maintaining their fitness goals. Everyone is hell bent on consuming whey protein powder but unknowingly they also miss on something vital: another type … Continue Reading

The Best Ever Muscle-Building Supplement Stack

You seriously lift and squat all day but never end up bulking. Because what you are doing is just one way track, without using the correct muscle building supplements stack. To bulk muscles, you need the combination of specific amino acids and other nutrients to repair your muscles. Additionally you … Continue Reading

10 Important Tips to Keep Your Liver Healthy

Do you know that Liver, our body’s watchdog matches the size of a football? Whatever you eat or drink passes through the liver and it breaks everything and passes on the nutrients to various organs. It is a key player in our body’s digestive system.

Liver does many important functions, … Continue Reading

How to Avoid Mistakes and Get Best out of BCAA

BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids refer to essential amino acids (which our body cannot produce) Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, which constitute one-third of muscle proteins. We need outside BCAA supplements when our body needs them.

Many foods contain BCAAs, albeit in a very miniscule percentage. For example, … Continue Reading

5 Essential Supplements for Weightlifters

Can you get six pack abs, chiseled body without supplements? Many people argue that persistence and exercises alone can get you there. Problem is today everyone including weightlifters wants results fast. When no one is willing to wait indefinitely, supplements are a must. On this argument, everyone seems to agree.… Continue Reading

12 Essentials Items You Need in Your Gym Bag

There is an old saying “Well prepared is like half battle won” because it shows you prepared you are and this is enough to deter your enemy. Well, here you have to conquer the equipment and benefit your body, not any kingdom. Reaching the gym with your kit bag with … Continue Reading

How Beta Alanine Boosts Endurance of Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders often ask the same question at forums “I have reached a plateau, not progressing at all so what should I do?” Further they add that “somehow my fatigue does not allow me to cross my limits.” Fortunately, there is an easy solution for all: Beta Alanine, the most researched … Continue Reading

Difference Between Natural Supplements and Steroids

Bodybuilders are often a confused lot as they have difficulty differentiating between supplements and steroids. Though anabolic steroids and dietary supplements are worlds apart it is the perception which is difficult to change. Hence we aim to present this article to clear the air so that everyone understands what … Continue Reading

Food Supplements: What You Need to Know

We Indians have plenty of options to choose from vegetables & fruits, which is just not possible with many countries especially developed economies. Their genetically modified fruits & veggies have no taste and only look attractive. In comparison majority of adults there take one or more dietary supplements either every … Continue Reading

Whey Protein: Best Usage & Dosage Recommendations

Whey protein is world’s topmost supplement prescribed to bodybuilders and most athletes. Majority of these people have made sure that this supplement is on their table and they consume it as pre, intra- and post-workout supplements and this whey protein benefits them for sure. Everyone has witnessed how whey protein … Continue Reading

Helpful Tips to Choose Best Whey Protein

Bodybuilders are often a confused lot as there are too many varieties of protein in the market and each one tries to outshine the other. Sometimes proprietary formulation shows promise but then others question the morale. You should also read whey protein reviews and its expiry date. Lastly you should … Continue Reading

5 Supplements Every Bodybuilder Should Never Miss

Bodybuilding is not something we can afford to take it lightly. It is a serious business as we have poured our hard-earned money into it. We need the right fuels (read supplements) all the time as it means a question of life and death. Without right fuels and nutrition all … Continue Reading

Side Effects of Anabolic Steroids in BodyBuilding

Bodybuilders often fall to synthetic products just to boost their appearance without bothering if these have any unwanted side effect on their bodies. This shortsightedness often costs them dear and they realize only when it is too late.

Sometimes use of steroids is essential. The side effects of anabolic steroids … Continue Reading

Eggs, Best & Cheapest Source of Protein

Very few foods pack a wholesome punch within. Some either pack carbs or proteins or a slight combo but not all. Eggs, a good source of protein, stand alone in the crowd that has an outer shell protecting itself from contamination, a shock absorber that protects the albumin and … Continue Reading

9 Ways to Make Protein Shakes Good

Bodybuilders know the importance of whey protein and casein protein supplements. The former helps in pre and post-workout sessions whereas the latter helps build muscles when we sleep. The problem is, no matter how good the manufacturers formulate these supplements they do not appease everyone. Many of them retort saying … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally and Quickly

Testosterone, as the name suggests relates to the Testes every man has. Surprisingly it is also present in females albeit in marginal values yet work the same way like in their counterparts. It plays vital parts in twin functions: increase libido, hair growth, and muscle mass and some less talked-about … Continue Reading

Should I Take Casein or Whey Protein and Why?

The question people ask in the gym is, “what should I use as my protein source: Whey or Casein and why?” The opinion is divided and majority tends towards whey just because they use it regularly and experienced the benefits.

Some do use Casein, just because either someone recommended or … Continue Reading

5 Complete Protein Foods Every Bodybuilder Should Know

Proteins are of two types: animal and plant sourced. The former is known as a complete protein whereas it is not the case with the latter; it may or may not always be complete in protein.

You may wonder what a complete protein comprises of. Well, complete protein is the … Continue Reading

How You Can Lose Weight with Whey Protein

Fat buildup is the biggest problem. Finding ways for losing fat using whey protein is of prime importance. The solution to fat loss is not that hard to find. You should simply know how whey protein works and how it works as a double-edged sword.

Whey protein on one hand … Continue Reading

6 Ways That Help You Generate Right Muscle Mass

This is no big secret in learning how to obtain muscle mass quickly. The process is very simple as just you need to be sure you want to build mass quickly and the rest is all hard work. In simple words, first step is decision and then followed by perspiration. … Continue Reading

Top Supplements for Killer Six Pack Abs

Everyone in today’s generation is eager to show off their hard work for those abs. The new entrants are anxious to replicate the muscular figure somehow and look everywhere for tips. They very well know that they should first target the best fat burner for abs section. Without burning … Continue Reading

Is Paleo Diet Suitable for Bodybuilders?

Today everything we eat is mostly processed. Cereals, legumes, lentils, rice, vegetables, oils and our snacks are often loaded with excess oil, fat, salt and sugar and termed as unhealthy. Most of the agricultural produce we come across is infested with pesticides.

Recently the concept of Organic got popular wherein … Continue Reading

How to Lose Fat & Build Muscle

The popular belief when losing weight is you lose both: fat as well as metabolically valuable muscle also. But if you have very less muscle, losing weight is much harder too.

Fortunately, the only super food which helps you to lose weight and boost metabolism is no other than Protein. … Continue Reading

Revealed: The Truth Behind Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout Supplements “claim” you get maximum benefit from their products when exercising. Their description is so tempting, everyone seriously thinks about having the supplement before proceeding to their workouts. Who knows the products may increase energy levels, muscle power or endurance during the workout!

What do these Pre-workout Supplements contain Continue Reading

Bollywood Actor Sahil Khan’s Diet & Workout Plan

Sahil Khan, now 40 is a popular Indian model, actor and a fitness idol. His debut in bollywood in the comedy file “Style” was a success which he cashed by acting in the sequel “Xcuse Me”.

The Fitness Freak Sahil Khan is a known figure in the bodybuilding circuit. Being … Continue Reading

How to Fuel Your Body Before, During and After Workouts

Many conflicting theories on eating before during and after workouts are aired. It is very difficult choosing any one theory because they all look so real. We help you out on this one in an easy to understand concept.

Know your body first!
Every body is different. Every body’s needs … Continue Reading

Tips for choosing the right Weight Gainer

Every body, every person is different. One cannot compare with the same yardstick. Imitating other’s bodies without considering their background and body type, could prove detrimental for your efforts.

Whether you are a beginner, a fitness freak or a seasoned pro, you need to choose the right weight gainer to … Continue Reading

All About Whey Protein, Benefits and Usage Guide!

What is Whey Protein?
When milk is stored at room temperature for a few days, it separates in two distinct forms, namely the liquid and the solids. This liquid is called the Whey and has many proteins and other nutrients like Lactose. The solid can be strained out, called the

Continue Reading