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Top Bodybuilding Myths Unraveled

Many feel that when you exercise well, eat well a proper sculpted body results. However the truth is far from it. A lot many other factors weigh in having their say in those matters. But a beginner is always confused unless an informed clears the doubts.

The best way to clear direction is by gaining knowledge. Only then you can steer clear of the myths and benefit. Building your body or increasing muscles will take the least time and the results will please you no doubt.

#1           Long Duration Workouts Are The Key To Muscle Gain

While it is true that No Pain No Gain but only till your body can withstand. This myth has provoked many to exceed the limits and almost always broke their bodies. Tear, rupture needs time to recover and this can only happen when body is at rest. But repeating same mistakes everyday can only take you to the point of no return.

Scientific Reasoning

Excessive heavy lifting causes the hormone Testosterone—responsible for muscle growth & recovery—to decrease by more than three-fourths. Proceed ahead and the level will drop more than four-fifths and your body will be rendered unable to recover muscles. All your attempts at building muscle mass go down the drain.

Initially your workouts should never exceed more than 40 minutes.

#2           For Bigger Muscles the weights should be lifted slowly

In this stupid form of weight training the emphasis is laid on taking more time to complete a job. Obviously this needs extra strength than imagined and unless you have proper idea you will damage your body more.

The focus was on how to lift keeping coordination and hand control than on the speed.

Scientific Reasoning

Two groups were formed and asked to perform for 30 minutes. The faster group burned 70 per cent calories and 250 per cent weight more than the other group who were slowed down for this experiment.

The test concluded by finding out that increases in strength were achieved by doing as quickly as possible, without wasting time.

#3           To Grow Big You Need a High Calories Diet!

Agreed that to grow muscles you need to eat more than you shed. But first, there is a limit and second, you need an efficient metabolism to digest all you took in. Else you end up putting weight which you would not want in your wildest dreams.

Normally muscle gainers need to eat 500 calories more than his usual. His sources should be from clean fuel sources like complex carbohydrates, good fats and high quality proteins. The muscle you can gain depends on how your body processes it.

On an average, in ideal body conditions you can expect to put on a kilo or more of muscle in a month. If need be, you can always take Whey Protein as it is helpful in muscle synthesis.

#4           Imitate like a Pro

This is the most damaging idea circulated. A professional bodybuilder’s body is optimized from all angles and can indulge in advanced levels. But one should start with baby steps, slowly graduating to advanced levels.

Hire a good trainer and under his supervision engage both bigger and smaller muscles. Underlining your muscle building goals and get your training sessions customized accordingly.

For muscle growth your reps should extend max up to 12 which will stimulate adequate metabolic changes. In case you are trying to build strength then your reps should max out at 8 and no more.

Scientific Reason

Imitating may put extraordinary stress and strain and your muscles may get damaged permanently. Professionals know their bodily limits and seldom exceed their levels. On the contrary, blindly copying might give dangerous results.


Everyone should know their body limitations. No two bodies are similar. Starting with small steps and only when you build sufficient experience should proceed to advanced levels.

Is Paleo Diet Suitable for Bodybuilders?

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Today everything we eat is mostly processed. Cereals, legumes, lentils, rice, vegetables, oils and our snacks are often loaded with excess oil, fat, salt and sugar and termed as unhealthy. Most of the agricultural produce we come across is infested with pesticides.

Recently the concept of Organic got popular wherein there are zero pesticides and zero polishing of rice, lentils etc. Here oils are simply filtered and not solvent extracted which removed all nutrients. This change suits everyone looking for healthy and fruitful lifestyle.

Taking a step further, another holy diet made its appearance named the Paleo Diet.

Paleo Diet Simplified

Paleo or Caveman type lifestyle allows only agricultural and meat products (including organic eggs) with some limited sprinkling of oils. No dairy products allowed (that is, if you decide to live on a strict diet). Products like milk, grains, salt, legumes, processed foods, cookies and cakes are prohibited.

Is Paleo practical in a hotel?

Yes. You can always order fish or eggs and more vegetables instead of bread/pasta/roti. If possible ask the cook to use extra virgin olive oil.

What the mid time Snacking Options?

Varied nuts, fruits, berries, boiled eggs and baby carrots can easily work for anyone. But remember that fruits should be had in small quantity and nuts not more than a handful.

Distinct Benefits of Paleo Diet

By design it is a carbohydrate free diet which reduces weight and improves insulin sensitivity. It also lends a perfect balance of the healthy omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Being near organic there is no synthetic overload (like preservative/insecticide) you feel the difference almost immediately. Energetic and active is what everyone cherishes.

To take this Paleo Diet’s benefits ahead to the modern executives or muscle builders are something that might be music to their ears. You can elaborate thus:

Maintain weight easily   Paleo diet being free from sugar/hi-fructose corn syrup, blood sugar stabilization is achieved easily. When you know the options for sweets are less, the craving disappears and you can breathe easy.

Removes Modern Diet Imbalances   When you consume copious amounts of nuts and fish, it reverses the imbalance caused by the omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. This in fact protects from many modern diseases like diabetes, arthritis, depression and heart attacks. This should be considered as a huge positive!

Justifies for Muscle Gainers and Weight Losers   With negligible carbs, those looking for lose weight benefit immensely. They get just enough carb to initiate fuel burning from fruits and some veggies. Rest is protein and animal fat. Muscle builders gain from the liberal dose of protein with lots of amino acid for muscle gain and complex carbohydrates for that adequate energy mix.

Is Paleo Diet Sustainable for Long?

Nothing in life is 100% perfect. On paper this diet looks good but one sore point is obvious: lack of carbs. Once weight lifters hit their limits, lack of carbs is seriously felt. Starvation like feeling creeps in and it can be obviated by hitting a middle path: whole wheat bread and starchy veggies.

This middle path can keep your interest in this special diet intact. Otherwise the following disadvantages can put you off:

Good Fiber Gone Bad     Fiber which is otherwise lauded prevents quick absorption of carbohydrates thereby depriving you from energy. The way to circumvent is having a good carb source like a banana or a pineapple.

Diet eating your Muscles   Those who train for muscle gain know that the diet has less provision for carbs. When training hard and carbs are less, your body gorges on the amino acids or muscles and ultimately you become skinny.

The Best Way Out with Paleo Diet

Keep high-calorie fruits like sweet potato, grains and banana can get you benefits of both worlds. The Paleo way keeps nature on your side and the mid way helps you build muscles without risking them.


Overdoing anything kills. It is better to weight pros and cons and adapt suitably.

How to Lose Fat & Build Muscle

The popular belief when losing weight is you lose both: fat as well as metabolically valuable muscle also. But if you have very less muscle, losing weight is much harder too.

Fortunately, the only super food which helps you to lose weight and boost metabolism is no other than Protein. The more protein you eat the better. It has more benefits than any other foods.

Why Body Gives More Weight to Protein?

Our body knows that only protein provides essential amino acids that form the building blocks of muscle. Also, exercise and particularly lifting weights, provides a signal for muscles to be retained (for next bout of exercises) even when you are hell bent on cutting calories.

The Magic very few know about!

A high protein diet when combined with exercise results in an established fact, called the Magic. Ensure you lift enough weights, eat good amount of protein, drink 12-14 glasses of water and having ample rest completes your magic fitness routine. It really outshines any other weight loss routine with some benefits. Once weight is lost, your muscles start to show!

The Magic derived out of Feedback

Researchers formed a team of 100 who agreed to go on an extreme diet and exercise program.

Their calorific intake was reduced by 40 percent and indulged in intense workouts for a week, (with a weekly off thrown in). They were also asked to lift weights and do cardio.

Half were given high-protein diet whereas the other half had a standard low-protein diet. This went on for a month and the results compared later.

The high protein group had the best results. They lost around 4 kilo compared to 1.5 kilo from their standard protein counterparts. Similarly they gained 1 kilo of muscle as against zero for the others. Lastly they lost much of the fat, which was more than 10 kilos in almost all individuals.

The magical theory works beautifully and it has proved itself, the study showed.

How to Better These Results Even Further?

Though everybody is different yet some finer points can always be added to any fitness routine. To take these results further, one could reduce the time interval between two different exercise routines. In other words, the resting time should be reduced and this will increase the intensity. This in turn, would give you more muscle and kill fats more easily.

Which Protein Works Best and When?

Though you can mix and match different proteins, Whey Protein works best especially after your workouts. Make it a habit to have protein in all your meals. Slowly your body will be able to adjust this extra protein and put it to best use.

How Much Protein Is Recommended?

Exercising women should have at least 1.5 gram of protein per kilogram of their bodyweight. For men this value increases to around 2 – 2.2 grams. Having a protein shake is more beneficial as liquids are absorbed and metabolized better.


Exercise is the key to all bodybuilding routines. When protein is added in right quantity, it not only benefits us by reducing fat but aids in increasing muscles.

Revealed: The Truth Behind Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout Supplements “claim” you get maximum benefit from their products when exercising. Their description is so tempting, everyone seriously thinks about having the supplement before proceeding to their workouts. Who knows the products may increase energy levels, muscle power or endurance during the workout!

What do these Pre-workout Supplements contain and what are their effects?

Along with essential ingredients they often contain other ones in high to very high quantity. Despite this concentration, their effects varied from person to person and seldom prove to be toxic.

How do they work?

They change the way you feel while working at it. The overall feel when you approach your exercises is totally changed upside down. Many admit that they feel pumped up just before exercising. Mostly this change helps immensely.

The ingredients increase blood flow & the heart rate, so much so that you might even feel a little tingle. They also help you focus you better. But these effects, as such, don’t make people bigger, stronger or faster. In fact, they work in a slightly different way.

What are those supplements named?

The supplements can either be single components like caffeine or creatine or guarana or beta-alanine or their heady mixes. Sometimes they also mix plain carbohydrates like glucose and/or sugar! On the whole these admixes seldom prove harmful, but they drive you towards achieving your goals.

Do they Really Enhance Performance?

Yes, but not on their own! They work only when you try to push yourself to the limits, else everything goes waste. They lend support when extra energy is needed urgently.

Is Each Supplement Dependable?

That’s the sole reason why people look for certain brands. Some supplements contain illegal and dangerous additives such as amphetamine or some likewise stimulants.

Other manufacturers stay clear of illegal stuff but pack high levels of caffeine, much higher than what said on the label.

It is advisable to look for brands your friends or a nutritionist or the trainer suggested. Later on as you gain wide experience and knowledge, you know what works for your body.

Why all Pre-Workout Supplements Are Fortified with Creatine?

Creatine boosts energy production in muscle cells and also seems likely to draw fluids from the blood plasma into the skeletal muscle which improves muscle performance.

Studies show that Creatine modestly benefits and the participants had less cramping and dehydration. Also they had very few injuries which was a remarkable achievement. Creatine increases body mass and gives peak power during the trainings. But for it to happen, it must be consumed regularly so that there is a “build up” in the body.

Once this “build-up” reaches sufficient results, only then it affects when pushing limits and that is what should be remembered.

Other Silently Working Nutrients

Pre-workout Supplements often contain Vitamin B, Niacin, Vasodilators like Citrulline that widen blood vessels. These increased blood flow to the muscles makes you feel they are pumped and your overall shape looks bigger while working out!

Satisfaction is the Key

If the participants are satisfied on their elevated mood, they are likely to perform much better. Their belief that the pre-workout supplement has worked, works wonders.


Pre-workout supplements work silently and elevate the mood to push the participant to excel. They contain nutrients that support them in their endeavour. End justifies the means.

Bollywood Actor Sahil Khan’s Diet & Workout Plan

Sahil Khan, now 40 is a popular Indian model, actor and a fitness idol. His debut in bollywood in the comedy file “Style” was a success which he cashed by acting in the sequel “Xcuse Me”.

The Fitness Freak Sahil Khan is a known figure in the bodybuilding circuit. Being a bollywood actor is not the only credential in his kitty, but because of his well chiseled body too! What’s more, he is now an idol for many and people are eager to know about his training regimen, the food he eats, the hour he sleeps and so on.

The Basics that Sahil Khan Follows
To maintain the well chiseled body, a bodybuilder needs strict discipline and should follow some basics. The professional bodybuilder that Sahil Khan is accepts and follows these guidelines:

1. Train for at least one hour, four times a week.
2. Drink at least 2ltrs of water in a day.
3. Eat a balanced diet with 5-6 small portions in a day
4. Have adequate sleep so that when you get up, you should feel fresh and energized!
5. Have a weekly off as your body & brain both need time to indulge in their own pastimes!
6. Stay off junk food!

Also, Sahil reiterates to find reason for drinking water, water and more water.

Sahil’s Food and Supplement Preferences
You can change the food as per your choice but keep these guidelines broadly.
1. 6 egg whites (one yolk)
2. 1 bowl plain oatmeal with cinnamon
3. A few raisins and one Banana
4. One teaspoon of all natural peanut butter/olive oil/flax seed oil/
5. Plenty of water, and
6. a Multivitamin and 3 dates
7. a Protein Shake (40-50 grams) + plenty of water

You can substitute a banana with any other natural fruit.

The Detailed Workout Plan shared by Sahil Khan

FST 7 Training Split
                                            AM                             PM
Day 1                              Cardio                Abs and Chest
Day 2                             Cardio                Calves, Quads and Hamstrings
Day 3                             Cardio                Abs and Back
Day 4                             Cardio                Off
Day 5                             Cardio                Abs, Shoulders and Traps
Day 6                             Cardio                Calves, Triceps and Biceps
Day 7                             Off                     Off

Exercise                            Sets     Reps Wk 1-2    Reps Wk 3-4             Rest
Hanging Leg Raises        4            30                          30                     1 Min
Exercise Ball Crunches   4            30                          30                     1 Min
Crunches                         4            30                          30                      1 Min
Incline Dumbbell Press    4            8-10               10-15                   1-2 Min
Flat Bench Dumbbell Press    4      8-10               10-15                   1-2 Min
Hammer Strength Incline     3       8-10               10-15                   1-2 Min
Hammer Strength Flat Pr    3         8-10               10-15                   1-2 Min
Cable Crossovers              7             8-10               10-15                    1-2 Min

Exercise                        Sets         Reps Wk 1-2        Reps Wk 3-4          Rest
Standing Calf Raises      4             20-30                   20-30               1-2 Min
Leg Press Calf Raises     4             20-30                   20-30               1-2 Min
Seated Calf Raises          4             20-30                   20-30               1-2 Min

Leg Extensions               3              8-10                      10-15               1-2 Min
Squats                             3              8-10                      10-15               1-2 Min
Hack Squats                    3              8-10                      10-15               1-2 Min
Leg Presses                     7              8-10                      10-15               1-2 Min

Lying Leg Curls               3              8-10                     10-15                1-2 Min
Stiff Leg Deadlifts           3              8-10                     10-15               1-2 Min
Seated Leg Curls             7              8-10                     10-15               1-2 Min

Exercise                        Sets          Reps Wk 1- 2      Reps Wk 3-4             Rest
Reverse Crunches           4                   30                      30                       1 Min
Roman Chair Crunches  4                  30                      30                       1 Min
Cable Rope Crunches     4                  30                       30                      1 Min

Wide Grip Pullups            3                8-10                  10-15               1-2 Min
Reverse Grip Pulldown    3                8-10                  10-15               1-2 Min
T Bar Rows                       3                8-10                  10-15               1-2 Min
Reverse Grip Bbell Row   3                8-10                  10-15               1-2 Min
Deadlifts                           3                8-10                  10-15               1-2 Min
Straight Arm Pulldown   7                8-10                  10-15               1-2 Min

Exercise                          Sets        Reps Wk1-2          Reps Wk 3-4      Rest
Hanging Leg Raises         4                 30                           30               1 Min
Cable Rope Crunches       4                 30                           30               1 Min
Reverse Crunches            4                 30                           30               1 Min

Dumbbell Presses            4                8-10                      10-15             1 Min
Prone Incline              
Dumbbell Front Raises    4                8-10                      10-15             1 Min
Upright Rows                   4                8-10                      10-15             1 Min
Dumbbell or Machine    
Lateral Raises                   7                8-10                      10-15             1 Min
Dumbbell Bent Over
Lateral Raises                   4                8-10                      10-15             1 Min

Barbell Shrugs                  4                8-10                      10-15             1 Min
Dumbbell Shrugs              4                8-10                      10-15             1 Min
Reverse Pec Decks            7                8-10                      10-15             1 Min

Exercise                          Sets        Reps Wk 1-2          Reps Wk 3-4       Rest
Seated Calf Raises            4               20-30                    20-30           1-2 Min
Leg Press Calf Raises       4               20-30                    20-30           1-2 Min
Standing Calf Raises        7               20-30                    20-30           1-2 Min

Rope Pressdowns             7                8-10                      10-15            1-2 Min
Close Grip Bench Pr         3                8-10                      10-15            1-2 Min
Dips                                   3                8-10                      10-15            1-2 Min
Lying Extensions             3                8-10                      10-15            1-2 Min

Straight Bar Cable
Curls                                7                8-10                      10-15            1-2 Min
Hammer Curls                3                8-10                      10-15            1-2 Min
Preacher Curls                3                8-10                      10-15            1-2 Min
High Cable Curls            3                8-10                      10-15            1-2 Min

Instead of blindly following the above chart, it is best to analyze it see what works best for you. Also, for your own benefit, proceed gradually and in no particular hurry.

How to Fuel Your Body Before, During and After Workouts

Many conflicting theories on eating before during and after workouts are aired. It is very difficult choosing any one theory because they all look so real. We help you out on this one in an easy to understand concept.

Know your body first!
Every body is different. Every body’s needs are different and you need to find out what your body needs and that too when and how much? There is no fixed routine that matches everyone’s needs. You should do a trial and error measurement.

Exercise with empty/semi-filled stomach
Once you get up in the morning, have a glass of water, wait for 15-20 minutes and start your routine. Assess your training and note down whether,
1. It went normally, or
2. It was difficult to carry on from the start, or
3. It was normal while starting, but difficult to reach the goal
4. at times you found you lacked the needed energy and wished you had some carbs before starting

Once done, try the same routine after having a small banana or a granola bar, waiting for 15-20 minutes and then going ahead. Compare your notes and an indication what the body needed comes up.

It is often said that the small snack provides the body with fuel and spares your muscles during the workout. You need to find out whether, at all, your body needs a small snack before a workout or not and what difference does it make.

A Variation is not out of the place
Instead of waiting for 15-20 minutes after having a snack, start on the training immediately. Some bodies tend to throw up whereas it is ideal for many. It all depends on
1. what was the size of the snack
2. how good your metabolism is,
3. how fast you can digest, and
4. for how long your body was in fasting mode.
Note down these assessments too. This will help in future.

Tip 1
Choose a snack which is low in fat. Fats slow our digestion whereas we want our body to get quick energy (having carbs & amino acids).

Tip 2
Fiber, no doubt is essential ingredient to be had daily, it is a big NO for pre-workout meals. It slows the digestion down.

Some people’s stomachs are very delicate and cannot tolerate a snack before workouts. Say 2 bananas weigh very heavy so the way out would be to have a banana with one measure of Whey Protein. This combination will surely go a long way achieving your goal.

Tip 3
Whey protein will provide the amino acids and the banana (or other carb food) will push the protein quickly.

Tip 4
As a variant, having probiotics is a good idea.

Probiotics can be a very useful supplement to take before a workout. Probiotics will help your body digest your pre-workout meal. Proper digestion is important to ensure our bodies are utilizing the raw materials we are feeding it.

Provide Energy During every Workout!
Don’t assume the small snack will go a long way till the end. As soon as your workout intensity increases, the carbohydrates & proteins get consumed fast and suddenly you are physically present at the gym, not mentally.

Have a small break, hydrate yourself a bit and again have a small snack. Utilize this break to ponder over your training and what will come up in the next part of your training. This helps you to focus properly.

Your Training has not ended till you Refuel
Consider refueling as an essential part of your workout. You need to put all the energy back what the workouts extracted. This is how normalcy is restored.

It is a good idea to have your breakfast after you have trained. Keep a gap of 10-15 minutes before you move on to your work.

Give your body the reward it needs!
Everyone likes rewards. When your training session goes as planned, your body has fully cooperated with your aims, offering a small treat works wonders.

Tip 5
Speak out loudly to yourself; this is the treat for our accomplishment. Your brain listens too!

These baby steps of feeding at different intervals will work wonders. When you progress to strenuous exercises, this knowledge will help you in good stead. Take care of your body, and watch how it satisfies your goals!

Tips for choosing the right Weight Gainer

Every body, every person is different. One cannot compare with the same yardstick. Imitating other’s bodies without considering their background and body type, could prove detrimental for your efforts.

Whether you are a beginner, a fitness freak or a seasoned pro, you need to choose the right weight gainer to build lean muscle mass.

What is a Weight Gainer?

Ever wondered what a weight gainer is and why you should use it instead of Whey Protein? Well, weight gainers contain more calories than plain whey protein and help you build lean muscles. This product has carbs to protein ratio of 3:1, meaning protein content is just one third of the carbohydrates. These extra carbs fuel your heavy duty workouts and weight lifting. All this aids in changing your overall physique.

Do you know that professional bodybuilders need these in-between supplements for increasing your stamina and strength? For example, to gain a kilogram in weight, you need around 7,000 extra calories above your normal intake from foods, beverages and other supplements!

Comparing Weight Gainers with Whey Protein

The Whey Protein provides around 80-90% protein but very few calories. After intense workouts, to replace lost muscles and increase their growth at the same time needs extra protein. However, weight gainers help those who neither can increase muscles despite having more food nor gain more calories.

Documented Benefits of Weight Gainers

1. Increased muscle mass in leaps & bounds

2. Extra energy

3. Convenient route to calorie intake goals

4. Easy food change for tight schedules

5. Quick and easy recovery

6. Good quality fats to help you stay lean and muscular

7. With added vitamins, nutrients, fiber etc. to help reach nutritional goals

All these qualities combine their effects and help you maintain a leaner body.

Lean versus Fat gains

For achieving your objective of lean but strong & muscular, not fat body, identifying the source of calories is very important.

So whenever looking for a weight gain formula, choose the one with identified premium protein sources and complex carbs plus fats derived from medium chain triglycerides, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a low sugar combination.

The presence of amino acids in a weight gainer plus the quick acting whey isolate and the slow and steady Casein expedites muscle recovery. This combination also prevents quick muscle breakdown. In a nutshell this combination maximizes the muscle gains and even works overtime to secure those gains.

Please understand that simple carbs and the power of glucose help attain heavy workouts. For serious calorific needs the lean gainers do provide a generous dose of complex carbohydrates.

Benefits of Complex Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals

Complex carbohydrates act slowly and hence provide the energy in a trickle. This trickle is a stable source of energy. The digestive enzymes totally reduce the likelihood of bloating.

Vitamins and minerals are essential as they improve the metabolism process. This in turn, optimizes energy production which further helps power for intense trainings.

The needs of Professional Bodybuilders

The professionals are difficult to satisfy as they always keep demanding more from weight gainers. The phosphocreatine reserve is achieved by having Creatine in weight gainers which works as energy reserve. This in turn allows you to have aggressive workouts.

Professional weight gainer formulas containing Betaine, Glutamine and MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil help bodybuilders to ascend their training to next levels. While Betaine efficiently absorbs Creatine, protein & amino acids, Glutamine on the other hand not only minimizes muscle breakdown but expedites recovery after intense workouts.

Side Effects of Weight Gainers

Being loaded with carbohydrates, weight gaining formulas often lead to bloating, indigestion and fat gain.

To circumvent this problem you can try the reformulated Xtreme Weight Gainer to improve digestion and absorb the nutrients.

Recommended Usage

1. For an energetic beginning, take the weight gainer along with your breakfast

2. Maximum recovery needs a weight gainer shake 30-40 minutes after your workout

3. To maintain positive nitrogen balance, drink one shake of weight gainer in-between meals

Sleep is important for bodybuilders. Have one shake of weight gainer around an hour before sleeping to accelerate muscle recovery throughout the night.

Make your body smile by eating right nutrition!

It all depends on what and how you eat!
Count the time you spend on the breakfast table having your first meal. Now count the time while having lunch and then the dinner. Now focus on the time you take to finish a small bowl of ice-cream.

No prizes for successful guessing here: The ice-cream is the winner; you consume the maximum time eating, nay licking the bowl clean.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are essential meals. We have them routinely, day after day. The novelty value dies out and then we don’t relish our food. Whereas ice-cream is the totally opposite and we wait for laying our hands on the gourmet dish.

We all have grown up with similar tales.

If we reverse the above, the same story unfolds: ice-cream (not the novelty anymore) needs a major portion of the time slice.

“We attended a week long, full day seminars at a 5-star hotel. Every day we had gourmet lunch. On the fourth day, we all resented and opted for homely food instead!

Our food remains the same, what depends is what and how we eat!

Today, we need to discuss nutrition, weight-gain, weight-loss, exercises, the terms never heard as children. All day playing and monkeying around digested all we ate. We have aged but continue our practices of overlooking any dietitian’s guidelines.

How to maintain the right balance in what we eat?

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!
A little deviation, some freedom is what makes our day. As humans, sticking to one routine bores us inside out. Identify and list out foods we can add, for variety. This helps us create an interesting combination to take us further.

“My neighbor attempted rope climbing and ended with a broken arm. Little did he realize how age was catching up!

Binge eating once in a while is okay, but recurrence is bad for health. But we need to gear our body up to tolerate this menace first. Else one slip and we fall out. As grownups we need to understand this.

It takes all kind of people to make this world!
Similarly, we need to include all foods that are available in appropriate quantities to make our meals. All vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber etc. This not only gives us energy but strength to counter illnesses as well. When all departments get their due, they fall in line and this team work delivers.

Listen and Understand your Body First!
Allergies, reactions, gastric troubles, coughing, vomiting are all symptoms your body puts up for your perusal. Understand what it says and note it down. Symptoms shown by bodies may be similar, but the diagnosis is not!

Remember every body is different!
Every body’s telltale signs are different. For example:
1. Not all hunger pangs need food, sometimes its water that your body needs.
2. Yawning always does not mean sleep; it could also be lower glucose levels
3. Heartburn never means a heart attack always; it could be gastric trouble also
4. Exhaustion may be due to thyroid imbalance, may not always be due to hard work
5. Stomachache may not be only due to indigestion, lowered levels of Hydrochloric acid may trigger the same
6. Vomiting never relieves Migraine for everyone
The above indicates why everyone needs to note how their bodies communicate.

Nutritional Needs for All Bodies are Different!
Today, the sunshine vitamin D deficiency troubles all. This is true even in tropical countries as children are reluctant playing outside. The same children when grow up, exhibit symptoms not easily treated. Drinking purified, reverse-osmosis treated water rids it of trace minerals our bodies seriously need.

Think for a moment, how can one size fit all? The diagnosis and recommendations would obviously be different for each individual.

How to Ensure Everyone Gets Full Nutrition that Bodies Absorb?
There are simple tips which everyone can follow. Instead of repenting later, prevention is better. Consider this list and ponder upon, what is possible for you:
1. One meal should only be raw veggies; including broccoli & tomatoes
2. Use veggies fresh, raw and unfrozen, as far as possible
3. Either include generous helping of salads or limit cooked food to one-half of serving size
4. Expose yourself to sunlight, even if for a few minutes
5. Depend only on natural sugars and avoid sweeteners except Stevia
6. Do not overburden your stomach; have small meals every 2-3 hours
7. Keep altering the proteins. For example, almond flour, whey powder, protein shakes, protein supplement, roasted peanuts, egg whites etc. Our body likes variety, even if it is a supplement.
8. Include fruits in your diets. Wide ranging nutrients not available commercially are packed in fruits. Each nutrient brings far-fetched benefits. Fruits also bring fiber, very essential for maintaining blood glucose and easy bowel movements!
9. Dairy products like yogurt provide gut-friendly bacteria for that wellness. Including them would do a world of good!
10. Exercise, in any form, for short or long durations, helps our body excrete the used materials and make way for absorbing fresh supplies.

Our body is neither dumb nor fool. It precisely understands the needs and tries to communicate; with whatever way it can. You, the master, should be aware of all these necessities to ably handle & nurture your own body. After all, your life depends on it!

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All About Whey Protein, Benefits and Usage Guide!

What is Whey Protein?
When milk is stored at room temperature for a few days, it separates in two distinct forms, namely the liquid and the solids. This liquid is called the Whey and has many proteins and other nutrients like Lactose. The solid can be strained out, called the Curds.

Even the Curds, when hung in a muslin cloth for a few hours, gets you the liquid or the Whey. Care should be taken not to put excess pressure on the cloth, expecting to squeeze more liquid out.

After drying the liquid, what remains is the Whey Protein Powder, used as Protein Supplement.

Types of Whey Protein
Pure Whey is the liquid that separates out of milk. Some filtration techniques used like Ion Exchange to get a more purified & concentrated variety having around 80-85% protein. This is called the Whey Protein Isolate.

There are two types of Whey Protein available.
• WPC: Whey Protein Concentrate
• WPI: Whey Protein Isolate, and
The above WPC is further processed to remove all Lactose and Fat. This form is known to have around 90% protein.

• WPH: Whey Protein Hydrolysate, a kind of pre-digested protein. The hydrolysis is a process our body employs to absorb protein. When the protein is already hydrolysed, digesting becomes easier whereas for the above two (WPC & WPI) our body still has to hydrolyse.

Good or Bad (Cheaper Variety) Whey Protein
Labels provide the vital info which helps you decide on good or bad protein. Simple mention of whey protein concentrate or Isolate, indicates a low quality or BAD protein. This is because to reduce costs, manufacturers often use either acids or high temperatures for the separation process. Both these processes harm the proteins.

If you see the words Microfiltered, Ultrafiltered or Ion Exchange you can safely assume the pack contains good whey protein!

It helps to be vigilant, after all it is your body and your health is at stake!

Benefits of Whey Protein
Whey protein, amongst others, has an extremely high value of BV index (around 104). BV or Biological Value is a measure of how well the protein is absorbed by the body post exercises. The protein helps rebuild the damaged muscles damaged during the exercise routine.

It also takes into account the inherent Amino Acids contained within the Whey Protein and considered for amino acids profile, solubility and digestibility.

Our body cannot product amino acids and needs to be supplemented from outside. Whey protein is an excellent source

Even lactose intolerant people can safely consume Whey protein, because maximum lactose is already thrown out.

Additionally, whey benefits in:
• Increased metabolism, energy and weight loss
• Quick recovery from workouts
• Increase muscle building
• Better detoxification
• Anti-aging effects, and
• Immune boosting properties

How to use Whey Protein?
1. Add it to your breakfast
Use one measured spoonful of whey protein powder to your breakfast cereal, preferably oatmeal. You can add a tablespoon of peanut butter for that extra flavor and increasing protein.
This will help you consume whey protein without any adjusting your diet too much.
2. Have a protein shake before workout
Half an hour before your workouts, have a protein shake. Workout depletes your stored carbohydrates (glycogen) and muscle breaks may occur. This shake will prevent any breakdowns and maintain your energy.
3. Eat Protein after Workout
Research shows having protein immediately after a workout feeds your muscles, increasing protein synthesis and helping the muscles maintain their strength.
4. Sprinkle protein in your last meal
This helps balance out the amino acids in your body as you sleep. This definitely assists in building muscle.
5. Drink protein before calling it a day.
Sleep breaks down the protein and your intake can certainly counteract. You can increase the overnight muscle synthesis and wake up to a stronger person.

These tips were general in nature. For any customized needs, you can either contact your dietitian or contact us.

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