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Ketogenic Diet for Endless Supply of Energy and Slim Body

Fat burning is something considered very hard and most fad diets fail. Even exercising is tedious when the sole aim is to melt the excess fat stored in your body. Normally athletes want to continue on carbs but want the body to utilize the stored fat which seldom happens. The … Continue Reading

How to Use Carbs to Achieve Fitness Goals

There are many bodybuilding diets floating around. Some work 75% whereas others go a bit further. However, you always feel there is something amiss and you wonder how I can achieve my fitness goals. This occurs despite you following the diet plans and sticking to the stiff resistance training.… Continue Reading

Top 10 Snacks You Can Eat Before and After Your Workouts

Workouts sometimes can fail to satisfy your wishes. This tried and tested list of 10 top snacks can change the game. The list we have compiled has varied ingredients that keep you interested. As a beginner or an enthusiast you take all care to seriously complete your workouts but often … Continue Reading

How Many Eggs In A Day to Fulfill Your Nutritional Requirements

An Egg is wholesome, naturally secured delicious food having two distinct categories of essential nutrients. The white portion is totally different from the yellow and each scores brownie points on the other. The whites are beneficial in muscle building and yellows help maintain our body at its best.

Eggs are … Continue Reading

7 Steps To Boost Internal Strength

Bodybuilders are focused on biceps, triceps and waiting for them to bulge. Many a times their efforts don’t bear fruit as good as thought. The growth is stagnant. But nature helps to rescue from this situation using Testosterone, the internal growth hormone.

This hormone is the one that defines male … Continue Reading