Bodybuilding for Middle Class Indians in a Budget


We like bodybuilding but our food options are limited. But should that prevent us from getting a chiseled body? No. Look around carefully; there are many items we have not noticed. However when we compare our food options against westerners, the scale tilts heavily in their favour. So, what is the way out? The Easy … Continue reading “Bodybuilding for Middle Class Indians in a Budget”

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5 Best Supplements for Fast Weight Gaining

weight gainer

That is right; in just 4-6 weeks you will gain weight and also build muscles. You will hit two birds with one stone and fulfill both your wishes: weight gain and add muscles. It is the minimum and you can gain some more too. All you have to do is to read this article in … Continue reading “5 Best Supplements for Fast Weight Gaining”

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How to Get Rid of Water Retention Quickly

How to Get Rid of Water Retention

Are you feeling bloated or have swelling or itching with no apparent reason? Well, this could be due to water retention, which happens due to many reasons. Leaving aside medical problems which we anyway cannot discuss, some simple problems also show similar symptoms. Why Bodybuilders suffer more from water retention? Muscles are made up of … Continue reading “How to Get Rid of Water Retention Quickly”

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How Beta Alanine Boosts Endurance of Bodybuilders

Beta Alanine

Bodybuilders often ask the same question at forums “I have reached a plateau, not progressing at all so what should I do?” Further they add that “somehow my fatigue does not allow me to cross my limits.” Fortunately, there is an easy solution for all: Beta Alanine, the most researched & proven supplement discovered in … Continue reading “How Beta Alanine Boosts Endurance of Bodybuilders”

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Exercise & Diet for Different Body Shapes

Exercises & Diet for Difference Body Shapes

“Looking for an Hour-glass body?” asked the gym instructor. “No, it suits ramp walking, I would settle for a pea-shaped body” said Shilpa. Though Shilpa is settled in her mind about her body shape, many others don’t have the slightest hint of other body shapes. Many don’t even think of changing their body shape, whereas … Continue reading “Exercise & Diet for Different Body Shapes”

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How to Gain Weight in ways you can understand easily

How to Gain Weight

Skinny guys do you want a bulging tummy? Or healthy muscle mass all over the body? Adding muscle mass is much easier compared to getting rid of the big tummy. You can ask people how desperately they tried different methods yet the bulge does not go away. Those who just need to gain weight the … Continue reading “How to Gain Weight in ways you can understand easily”

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Sushil Kumar Wrestler’s Workout & Diet Plan

Sushil Kumar

Olympic medal means a lot to us Indians as they are rare. What is more commendable is an Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar got them back-to-back in 2014 by winning Gold medal in just 107 seconds. To top this celebration is the fact that keeping with our holiest traditions, he has a fully vegetarian diet and … Continue reading “Sushil Kumar Wrestler’s Workout & Diet Plan”

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Difference Between Natural Supplements and Steroids

Supplements for Muscle Recovery

Bodybuilders are often a confused lot as they have difficulty differentiating between supplements and steroids. Though anabolic steroids and dietary supplements are worlds apart it is the perception which is difficult to change. Hence we aim to present this article to clear the air so that everyone understands what is what and have no hesitation … Continue reading “Difference Between Natural Supplements and Steroids”

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Food Supplements: What You Need to Know

Food Supplements

We Indians have plenty of options to choose from vegetables & fruits, which is just not possible with many countries especially developed economies. Their genetically modified fruits & veggies have no taste and only look attractive. In comparison majority of adults there take one or more dietary supplements either every day or occasionally. Their list … Continue reading “Food Supplements: What You Need to Know”

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Delicious Casein Protein Shakes for Bodybuilders

Casein Protein Shakes

Everyone loves milk shakes and whey protein shakes and there is just one more addition to this milk shake variety: Casein protein shake comes to the fore which has more body and is naturally more delicious than its counterpart, the whey. By the way, both whey and casein form part of milk and separated out … Continue reading “Delicious Casein Protein Shakes for Bodybuilders”

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21 High Protein Foods for Muscle Building

High Protein Foods

The world is obsessed with protein because of its umpteen benefits that benefit us humans at various points in our life. Proteins build muscles, helps in weight loss and weight gain; have tons of beneficial ingredients that aid in many medical conditions too. Protein also ups our metabolism on one side and reduces hunger pangs … Continue reading “21 High Protein Foods for Muscle Building”

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Natural Sources of Whey Protein

Natural Source of Whey Protein

Whey Protein, as the name suggests comes from milk. Obviously, all other sources identified till date relate to milk only. The only difference occurs is the way whey protein is extracted out. Mostly the milk is curdled and it separates out in two distinct varieties, liquids and solids wherein the former is the Whey we … Continue reading “Natural Sources of Whey Protein”

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Whey Protein: Best Usage & Dosage Recommendations

Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein is world’s topmost supplement prescribed to bodybuilders and most athletes. Majority of these people have made sure that this supplement is on their table and they consume it as pre, intra- and post-workout supplements and this whey protein benefits them for sure. Everyone has witnessed how whey protein quickly assimilates in your stomach … Continue reading “Whey Protein: Best Usage & Dosage Recommendations”

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Side Effects of Whey Protein

Whey Protein Powder

This question is often asked and the answer is: “Plenty!“ But the best part is none of the many side effects are serious.  In fact, not many even relate to Whey Protein and arise from somewhere else. Without analyzing, people often put the entire blame on whey protein whereas the blame lies elsewhere. Let us … Continue reading “Side Effects of Whey Protein”

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Types of Whey Protein

Types of Whey Protein

Whey, the most popular protein used by most bodybuilders, resistance trainers, and athletes who sing praises about the benefits to no end. It is the most effective, these users opine, in almost all stages of the sporting activities they do. Be it the pre- intra- or post-workout stage, whey protein is most beneficial amongst all … Continue reading “Types of Whey Protein”

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Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey Protein Benefits

Health benefits of whey protein are almost unending and we discuss them now. Whey protein is the wonder nutrient everyone in the bodybuilding and sports sector admires. It is easily digested and provides comfort to our muscles and other parts of the body. Whey is the complete protein and has all the essential amino acids … Continue reading “Health Benefits of Whey Protein”

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Whey Protein

Whey Protein Powder

Do you know? “If everyone was raised on whey, doctors would be bankrupt” That’s the proverb used since olden days! Want to know more? Here we go: “Breast milk is actually 60% whey, compared to 20% in cow’s milk” Even Mother Nature knows how beneficial Whey Protein is! If this is so, how can you … Continue reading “Whey Protein”

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Top 6 Indian Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Indian Vegetarian BodyBuilders

Despite putting a lot of effort in the gym when Indian bodybuilders can’t get it right, they always envy the meat eaters thinking that’s the only parameter preventing from getting results. However this is a myth and to prove our point, we introduce you to not one, not two but Six Indian Vegetarian bodybuilders. Impressed? … Continue reading “Top 6 Indian Vegetarian Bodybuilders”

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Top 5 Back Exercises to Build Muscle Mass

Back Exercises

Every athlete and bodybuilder knows that they need to exercise every body part one after the other, in turn. This ensures that your body’s muscles at all places get even development and it is seen everywhere. Whenever lifting some weight you collectively get all body parts’ cooperation and the task is accomplished with flying colours. … Continue reading “Top 5 Back Exercises to Build Muscle Mass”

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Top 5 Supplements for Quick Muscle Recovery

Supplements for Muscle Recovery

Every Olympian has the following three words in their blood: Higher, Faster and Stronger. They always strive to get past from their earlier benchmark and this applies to athletes as well as bodybuilders. All this is possible if and only if they can take well care of their muscles. Seeing muscles breakdown, repair, rebuild and … Continue reading “Top 5 Supplements for Quick Muscle Recovery”

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